The Garden

In Sunday School, we continue to imagine what that very first garden might have been like.  Here is how Scripture describes it.  We have a few beautiful books in our parish library that depict the first garden God planted.  (Please do drop by the “Borrow & Return” table in the CE Commons and take a book home.)  Your children have made some of their own depictions of that garden.



After we listened to the story of that first garden, we took time to recognize and give thanks for some of the gifts of creation.  This morning, I heard five and six year-olds giving thanks for God’s gifts of school, siblings, dragons, cheetahs, and parents.  There is so much that we forget to see as good, so much for which we forget to give thanks!

Of course, giving thanks is at the center of who we are.  We are Eucharistic people, people of thanksgiving.  So, take time with your kids this week to name and to give thanks for some of God’s gifts in creation.  If you lack words, turn to Psalm 148, or to St. Francis’s famous hymn (this illustrated version just got added to our parish library), or to the Prayerbook (see the Litany of Thanksgiving on p. 837).

See you next week!


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