Plotting the Jr. EYC Lock-In and Sr. Beach Trip

This past Sunday, Jr. and Sr. EYC did some planning for our common life together.  In particular, What should we do during the Jr. EYC Lock-in? and What should we do on the Sr. EYC Beach Trip?  Here’s what we came up with.

Jr. EYC Lock-in, Nov. 2-3:

Main Event: Frankies Fun Park in Raleigh

Group game back at church: Grog!

Movies to watch between 11pm and 7am:

– The Adventures of Tintin

– Eragon

– Finding Nemo

– The Goonies

– Spirited Away

Sr. EYC Beach Trip, Oct. 19-21:

Wake-up – 8:30

Breakfast: Pancakes, Bacon, assorted fruit, coffee, juice, and oatmeal

Group time on Beach: Sand Sculpture contest and some free time

Lunch: grilled cheese and tomato soup

Afternoon: free time

Dinner: Grilling out, or Tacos

Movie: Star Wars, or, Cheaper by the Dozen

Evening: Capture the Flag

Devotions interspersed throughout day

Excited for both!  Don’t miss out.  Sign-up soon.

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