By Paul Cizek, Youth Minister

Friends: youth are passionate about their friends. Friends they laugh with; friends they mess with; friends they adventure with; old friends with shared memories; forging new friendships. But also, friends who were with them in hard times; friends that have drifted apart; broken friendships; being betrayed or used by a “friend;” friendships on the mend… maybe.

This past Sunday night we shared these stories about friendships, and we began to wonder, What makes good friends? How do friendships start? What makes a bad friend? And, is it easier to become friends with someone you just met, or someone you’ve known for a long time?

In the weeks to come, we’ll narrow our discussion around questions like, Is it necessary that Christians have friends? and Does being a Christian affect what kind of friend you are? After all, Jesus called some of his first followers “friends” (John 15), and those stories of the early church in Acts hardly ever involve an isolated Christian, but rather brothers, sisters, and friends in Christ.

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