At Church of the Holy Family, we are companions on the way with the children and young people of the parish. Children are the full members of the household of God, now, and so Holy Family’s children share in most every aspect of our common life. There are a few spaces we set aside especially for them to grow together in love for God, one another, and the world.

Sunday Morning

Church School (3 years- 12th grade): September through May, Holy Family’s children and youth gather from 9—9:55am for Church School. Together students pray, sing, hear and respond to the stories of the faith. Elementary aged children meet in age-grouped classrooms in the Commons. Jr. High and High School students meet in the Parish House. During this time, the parish nursery remains open for children 3 and under. Complete registration for Church School here.

Liturgy Explorers (4 and 5 year olds, Kindergarten): This weekly class begins at 10am, during the liturgy, and ends at the passing of the peace when parents pick up their children to fully participate in the Eucharist with the congregation. This class focuses on learning and practicing components of the liturgy, getting ready for worship, and corporate prayer. For the class, children meet in our corner classroom in the Christian Education Commons when Church School ends.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word (1st-3rd grade, students through 5th grade welcome): Every 1st and 3rd Sunday (from September—May) during the 10am liturgy, elementary students gather for Children’s Liturgy of the Word. Together we learn to pray and discuss practices and matters of the Christian life. During most of the year we gather at the font during the Gloria and return to the nave in time to join the larger congregation for the Eucharist.

Nave Baskets: Children are always welcome to remain in the liturgy with their families. You will find materials for reading, writing, art, and play in wicker baskets at the back of the Nave (under the half-circle table). You will can also find lectionary-based children’s bulletins for children in two age ranges in the Narthex.

Parish Nursery

Baby Nursery (4 mos–18 mos or until children are strong walkers): Information coming soon. Plans to open in late September 2016.

Toddler Nursery (18 mos–4 years): On Sundays during the year, the nursery is open from 7:45 until the 10am liturgy ends.

If you would like to request arrangements for care in the Parish nursery outside of a Sunday morning, please fill out one of the following forms.

  • For commissions or church groups requesting care for an event on church property, fill out this form.
  • For parents requesting nursery care for a church event or liturgy outside of a Sunday morning, fill out this form.

Programming for the Whole Family

Intergenerational Events: Because the church is made up of people from all ages, we worship and learn together as companions. Several times a year, members of Holy Family gather together for formational faith experiences across age groups marking particular seasons and holy days.

Faith Formation at Home: During the year, look for parent workshops focusing on various topics (prayer, church year, preparing your family for worship, etc.). Join us for these conversations about how the ministry of the church is supported by habits, practices, and traditions in the home.

Seasonal Programming

Vacation Church School: Annually in June, we gather at Holy Family to share a week of meals, and to hear the stories of God’s faithfulness for all generations. For VCS, Holy Family uses an original curriculum that follows the stories of the Old Testament through a seven-year cycle. In June 2016, we followed the rise of Davidic monarchy. Next year we witness the conclusion of the Old Testament stories on June 18-22nd.

Lent Groups: During the Lenten season, children are invited to gather on Wednesday nights for seasonal lessons, art, and fellowship. Last year, we worked with stories from Holy Week.

Want More Information?

Contact Holy Family’s Minister of Christian Education, The Reverend Angela Compton Nelson, for more information or to be added to Holy Family’s LiturgyCheck out our blog, On the Way, to see what is happening for families, youth, and children at Church of the Holy Family.