“For we are God’s fellow workers. You are God’s field, God’s building. According to the grace of God given to me, like a skilled master builder I laid a foundation, and someone else is building upon it. Let each one take care how he builds upon it. For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.”

1 Cor. 3.9-11


The Capital Campaign for Church of the Holy Family

We are gathered at the font for Holy Baptism, around the altar for Holy Eucharist, and in the pews as we pray the Daily Office, the Church of the Holy Family bears witness to the power of the Holy Spirit in our midst. This is the place in which we are formed to be the Body of Christ and from which we are sent forth to live our proclamation in the world.  In 2002, we affirmed the centrality of worship and formation to our life together when we dedicated a new Nave and additional classrooms.

We now seek to build upon that foundation with a proposal to renovate the north end of the building – Parish Hall, Hallway, Kitchen, and Library.  As we come to grips with facilities that are over sixty years old (parts of our campus were constructed in 1953!), we must address critical building needs of fellowship, education, and outreach ministries. For over ten years, we have managed, creatively, with a facility layout that does not always function well, and we have deferred necessary upgrades. The proposed renovations will address serious deficiencies in climate control, energy efficiency, and health and safety standards.  When finished, the campus will provide improved spaces for fellowship and education.

As a Holy Family, we are called to address not only our own needs, but also those of others; thus, this effort includes a three-part outreach component, described in the included fact sheet.  We also desire to pay off the debt remaining from the construction in 2001 before we initiate renovations.

Answering the Invitation

After much research, discussion, planning, and prayer, the Vestry believes that the timing is right to take this next step, transforming our campus through expanding and enhancing our spaces, as well as providing support for ministries beyond Holy Family.

The Vestry has approved a Capital Campaign of $1.1M* to:
• Undertake renovations for the north end of the building
• Support Outreach ministries to establish Partnerships in Faith
• Retire the remaining debt on the construction loan for the nave

With updated and improved facilities, the opportunities for increased outreach, enhanced education, and meaningful fellowship are limited only by our own imaginations.

Can you envision as yet undreamed-of programs and ministries?  Are you excited about reflecting the Light of Christ to communities in our midst and in the world?

Join us in our bold witness and dreams of a powerful, Spirit-filled vision of life and ministry at the Church of the Holy Family.

The Plan


1. Renovation of North Campus

A. Parish Hall, Kitchen, Library, and Gathering Space

  • Renovate the Parish Hall including acoustic improvements, replacing the windows, and repairing the floor.
  • Renovate the Kitchen to provide efficient food preparation and clean-up areas, with improved storage.
  • Refresh the Library while maintaining the intimacy of this space.
  • Remove the current Augustine Office and coffee room to expand the lobby outside of the Parish Hall.  This light-filled Gathering Space will provide a new central location for fellowship and will improve foot traffic flow between the Nave and Parish Hall.
  •  Address HVAC needs from the Sacristy north to the Parish Hall, installing a new centralized HVAC system and more energy-efficient windows and doors.
  •  Undertake deferred maintenance on our pipe organ, performing needed repairs to the pedal board along with other maintenance.

B. Flooding and Water Damage:  address the issue of periodic flooding in the Administrative Suite causing moisture issues in our offices.  We will:

  • Excavate the soil around the problematic walls, waterproof the foundation, and re-direct water into the drainage system; renovate drainage as needed, including gutters and downspouts.

CotHF-plan-main2. Deepen our Partnerships in Faith

A. Strengthen our promise in Molas: Fund four additional classrooms, a latrine, a well, and a retaining wall for the school in Molas, Haiti.

B. Respond to God’s call with St. Cyprian’s Church: This small parish in Oxford, NC gave us a passionate vision of expanding their ministries to a new community of believers.  This project would bring their parish hall up to code by replacing windows, reconstructing an interior wall, and making bathrooms accessible.

C. Renew what binds us together as one holy catholic church: The new Clergy Sabbath Program will invite clergy of the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion to spend a time of Sabbath in residence at Holy Family, with a commitment to receiving both North American and international clergy in equal numbers, up to two a year for four to six weeks each.

  • This proposal would require repairs to the Parish House: replace windows, repair damaged siding, and replace part of the roof.

3. Retirement of Holy Ground debt

About $100,000 remains on a loan for the building project in 2001. We plan to use funds raised in the campaign to retire this debt.

The Budget as Approved

Debt Retirement
Partnership in Faith
Parish House Repairs
Campaign Expenses
Organ Maintenance
North Campus Renovations

Note: The amount budgeted is the minimum amount we need to have to meet the goals stated above.

We also identified specific needs beyond the current plan and some of those are identified in the architect’s renderings. If we are able to raise more than the $1.1M, we would consider these additional projects. They include:

  • French Doors opening up Parish Hall to patio or walkway
  • Covered walkway along South exterior of Parish Hall
  • Complete the landscaping south of walkway (patio)
  • Install a new AV system in Parish Hall
  • Replace all older appliances with energy efficient appliances

The Campaign Timeline

-Leadership gifts  – January to May

–Parishwide gifts  – May and June

–Closure and Celebration! – Early Fall

By May/June we will be able to determine the scope  and to establish timeline for the work. At that time, we will have an Adult Forum to present the information to the Parish and plan to have our architect join us to answer questions

Leadership Team

Campaign Co-chairs

–Bob and Bobbie Armstrong

Honorary Campaign Co-chairs

–Clare and Richard Fair

Campaign Coordinator

–Katie Russell

Marketing and Events

–Lisa Ray

Ex Officio

–Clarke French

Team Leaders

–Annie Hager-Blunk

–Kevin Butterfield

–Wayne Cherry and Mary Rushing

–Adrianne Cizek

–Annmarie Todd

Graphic Artist

–Scott Bradford  (


–Scott Sharpe