Appalachia Service Project

Many thanks for your prayers for and inquiries about Holy Family’s recent Appalachia Service Project (ASP).  Here’s a quick summary:

Holy Family took two teams of youth and adults to Watauga County, NC where we met up with 4 ASP staff and First UMC from Cary, NC.  We stayed in a local elementary school for the week and worked on houses in and around Boone. We were the 7th and final week of ASP, so came into and finished up projects that were already started.

ASP (70)

Holy Family’s first team worked on a project called You Lucky Dog, where we caulked painted the exterior of a large house, built some backdoor steps and retro fitted a Singer Sewing Machine into a patio table.  At this home, we met and got to know an older married couple.

Holy Family’s second team worked on a project called 13th Year, where we completed a ceiling installation, caulked a leaky tin roof, and extracted and replaced rot from a bathroom floor and walls.  At this home, we got to know a mother, two kids, and a grandmother.

(You can find our pictures here.)

We also spent a few evenings at the local Cook Out for milkshakes.

From the time we decided to try out ASP last January, there’s been a buzz about ASP.  And, the youth and adults who went were pretty jazzed about their experience.  Will we return again next year?  I imagine so.  In the weeks to come, our team will reunite for lunch and to discuss what we learned from this trip and if we will return.  It’s all part of our ongoing discussion of what it looks like for us to be Holy Family’s Episcopal Youth Community (EYC). If you’d like to be part of future ASP work or discussions, be in touch:

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